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The Farranpedia aims to chronicle and explore the vast history of the Commonwealth of Farran and surrounding kingdoms. It gives information on Kingdoms, groups, features, and leaders of both regions surrounding The Line: The West and The East. Below, a number of pages which give context to much of the lore and history of the land can be accessed.

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Despite "Farran" being the name of an average-sized Kingdom in the Region of The West, the World of Farran is instantly understood to be the greater area within which many individual Kingdoms are situated, unlike any other area of the unnamed country in which they exist. The World of Farran is a self-contained World where nothing seems to work quite the same as anywhere else.

To learn about the structure of land within the World, click through. Information on other aspects of the World can be found below, or through links contained on other pages within the Wiki.

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